Our History

The Point of Care Communication Council was founded in 2013 by forward-thinking POC leaders, with
the following purpose:

  • To advocate for the effective use of the point of care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes (The PoC3 Mission)

  • To ensure point of care continues to grow as a vital and innovative segment of healthcare marketing

  • To be a part of the conversation and process by which benchmarks are established

  • To gain the benefits of scale via the combined efforts of the member companies, e.g.:

    • Promotion

    • Inclusion in planning models/tools

    • Greater focus from industry suppliers and service providers (e.g., research providers)

    • Credible measurement of industry reach and revenues

  • To create business standards and practices that help ensure a professional approach to customers

Our Mission

The Point of Care Communication Council’s mission is to advocate for the effective use of the point of care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes

How We Define “Point of Care”

Anywhere and everywhere a consumer is receiving care via an interaction with a healthcare professional

Our Objectives

In order to achieve our mission, we have adopted these objectives:

  • Partner with manufacturers to expand public education and perception on the importance of appropriate and ethical POC medical marketing and communication to advance health and healthcare outcomes

  • Help manufacturers, physicians, and healthcare systems reach patients at the POC to drive patient and physician education and engagement to support effective and efficient diagnoses, therapy access, and adherence

  • Enhance and set standards for industry measurement of impact and value to facilitate efficient and expanded use of the POC channel (vs. alternate channels)

  • Articulate and promote how POC investments positively contribute to patient health outcomes and overall healthcare system efficiencies

  • Establish affiliations with patient advocacy groups to inform and support the PoC3 mission and activities

  • Set guidelines for appropriate and ethical business conduct to support fair competition and overall POC industry growth