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Augmentation Vs. Replacement 

By  Rob Blazek RPh

Senior Vice President, Networks and Analytics, InStep Health

COVID-19 had an impact on all industries including pharma, especially during the period of shelter-in-place. While there was a short-term impact on volume and point of care (POC) campaign performance during the peak of stay-at-home mandates, health visits, prescription volumes, and program performance have all rebounded from their brief dips. 


As we continue to move forward, marketers will need to look at how a brand’s overall market performance has been affected by the virus and keep those numbers in mind while evaluating the success of current POC initiatives and setting expectations for future efforts. COVID will undoubtedly continue to affect aspects of consumer behavior into 2021. However, if we can objectively evaluate and apply what we learned from POC campaigns in 2020, we can continue to develop successful campaigns going forward.


Programs previously developed using sound data and time-tested measurement methodologies should continue using consistent strategies for planning programs and evaluating their performance going forward. In addition, campaign performance should take into account when the program ran: pre-COVID-19, during stay-at-home, or post-restriction periods. Understanding differences in performance between geographies will also be more relevant than ever.