All PoC3 member companies have committed to comply with the association’s Ethical Guidelines. 



POC engagement can help bridge the informational gap between pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, health & wellness, healthcare services, over the counter (“OTC”) and other companies and the patients/consumers they serve.  Ethical interactions help ensure that medical and health decisions are made in the best interests of patients/consumers. For the benefit of Patients/Consumers, healthcare professionals, marketers and other POC stakeholders, PoC3 companies must adhere to the following principles:  

Guiding Principles 


  1. Patient Focus means operating under the goal of benefiting patients/consumers through awareness, education, motivation, and compliance. 

  2. Integrity means dealing ethically, honestly, and respectfully in everything we do. 

  3. Honesty means being forthright in dealings with customers and stakeholders, operating within the relevant laws and regulations, and offering products of value consistent with what we claim in our communications.

  4. Transparency means being open about our actions while respecting commercial sensitivities and intellectual property rights. 

  5. Accountability means being responsible for our actions and interactions.