SPEAKER SLIDES, as made available to PoC3
(last updated 5-16-18)

Predicting the Turn and the Advertising Paradigm Shift for Patient Marketing

by Dave Knox, Author of Predicting The Turn

This talk will provide context for the present day marketing and business environment.  With P&G’s CMO recently challenging that marketers need to “reinvent advertising”, Dave Knox will unpack this idea of “reaching the people most likely to buy” and put it in context for how healthcare marketers need to predict the turn.
WHY DAVE KNOX: Dave has established himself as an expert in the area of transformation based on his instrumental role during the digital turnaround of consumer packaged goods marketing efforts for, among others, Procter and Gamble and Rockfish/WPP. Dave has recently written the book “Predicting The Turn” (which all attendees will receive) on the intersection between Fortune 500 and start-ups. He is also the co-founder of The Brandery – one of the top 10 startup accelerators in the country.

For slides from Hudson Plumb, please email him directly: hudson.plumb-at-weareheartbeat.com


Deliver Powerful Support for HCPs and Patients at the Point of Care
by Hudson Plumb, SVP, Strategy, EHR and Outcomes Optimization, Heartbeat
This talk will walk listeners through an outline of four primary focuses at play at the point of care: changing HCP work environment, changing payer role, shifting ‘average patient’ profile, and tension between patient demands and HCP capabilities. Using that framework, Hudson will show why pharma marketers must turn their focus to providing value within the HCP workflow in order to deliver patient tools and resources.  Learn more about how to be an agent of impact in helping patients and clinicians achieve mutual goals.

Understanding the Voice of the Patient
by Grace Cordovano, CEO and Private Cancer Patient Advocate, Enlightening Results
For healthcare marketers, the centrality of the patient as a consumer cannot be overstated and therefore the patient must be understood. The session will provide an up-to-the-minute view of how patients and their caregivers view and interact with the point of care now.

WHY GRACE CORDOVANO: Grace has devoted herself to walking with patients and their caregivers through cancer journeys. As a private patient advocate, she strives to help continuously improve the patient experiences and care within the healthcare industry. A skilled speaker, she will bring that perspective to this session and offer inspiring and challenging insights. 



Understanding the EHR Landscape Today 
Joe Meadows, Founder, ThinkPatients

EHRs have become an essential part of healthcare, but they remain a source of frustration for most pharmaceutical companies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Joe’s talk today will focus on the bare bones, sometimes bare-knuckled, view of the current state of EHRs, and what pharma can and can’t – and should and shouldn’t – DO, relative to EHRs. Oh, and he has a big, surprise announcement at the end, too!
WHY JOE MEADOWS: As the undisputed expert on the EHR landscape and where pharma fits in, Joe Meadows will share his extensive knowledge and help you be confident you understand the opportunities and challenges to the space. Joe spent the first part of his career helping life science companies figure out marketing, commercial strategy, and customer engagement. And now, over the past decade, he’s built ThinkPatients, consulting on EHR and Health IT to almost every therapeutic area imaginable. 

For slides from Dominique Hurley, please email directly: dhurley-at-healthverity.com



Blockchain in Healthcare: Improving Patient Care
by Dominique Hurley, VP, Strategy and Innovation, HealthVerity
Blockchain offers the potential to increase patient access to all healthcare stakeholders—but it will also require changes from all parties.  Imagine a world where anyone interacting with a patient would have access to the information they need to support a patient as soon as it was created.Blockchain is an emerging technology that stores transactional information in a distributed ledger creating an immutable data store that those with the proper rights can access. In this session, you will learn how blockchain has the potential to impact the patient journey.



Presentation of Campaign Level Best Practices from PoC3
by Mark Boidman, PJ Solomon and Company
This session and the following panel will unpack the newly released campaign-level auditing best practices from PoC3’s verification and validation standards committee as well as applications from the PoC3 Buyer’s Guide.

WHY MARK BOIDMAN: In addition to his role as external advisor to the PoC3 V&VS Committee, Mark and his team have a deep understanding of the out of home media sector and is able to apply knowledge of the out of home advertising market to the point of care industry.   Mark is a partner at PJ SOLOMON and the former head of Barclays’ (originally Lehman Brothers) Out-of-Home Advertising, TV Broadcasting and Radio coverage.

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