Event Presentations

2021 PoC3 Virtual Industry Summit Event

Speaker Presentations:

Opening Remarks

Richard Awdeh, Point of Care Communication Council Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer and MD at CheckedUp

John Kenyon, Point of Care Communication Council Co-Chair and Vice President & Managing Director at Targeted Media Health

Nicole Divinagracia, VP, Director of Point of Care Media at Havas Media Group

Overview of PoC3’s 2021 Verification and Validation Guidance - A View from the Auditor

Richard Murphy, Executive Vice President, BPA Media and General Manager, iCompli – Technology Assurance at BPA Worldwide

Ken Shultz, Senior Vice President of Audit Services at the Alliance for Audited Media 

Our Experience with Point of Care – A Marketer’s Perspective

Larry Dobrow, Senior Editor at MM&M

Shannon Mitchell, Associate Director, US Consumer Media at Merck 

Insights and Analysis on COVID-19’s Impact on the Point of Care Space

Yash Popuri, Principal at ZS Associates

2020 PoC3 Virtual Industry Summit Event 1

Speaker Presentations:

Introduction to the 2020 PoC3 Virtual Industry Summit

Karen Newmark, Point of Care Communication Council

What is Happening in Light of COVID-19 in Different Points of Care - Breaking Down the Data

Victoria Summers, Associate Principal at ZS

The Evolution of Point of Care During COVID-19 and Moving Forward

Dr. Richard Awdeh, CEO & MD, Checked Up

Dr. Grace Cordovano, BCPA, Patient Advisor & Founder at Enlightening Results

Jodi Maki R.PH, Pharm.D, Owner & Pharmacist, Cedar Springs Pharmacy

Maureen Moriarty, DNP, ANP-BC, FAHS, FAANP

2020 POC Measurement - What to Expect

Benjamin Assor, SVP, Director of Media Strategy at Solve(d)

Eric Talbot, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Insights at PatientPoint

Future of POC Marketing Evolution - Expanded Accelerated Opportunity

Samantha Brown, Director of Business Development at Mesmerize

Danielle Lynch, VP Client Experience at Phreesia

Jen McDonald, Sales Management at Targeted Media Health

Conclusion & Key Takeaways from the 2020 PoC3 Virtual Industry Summit

Karen Newmark, Point of Care Communication Council

PoC3 2019 Industry Summit
Speaker Presentations:

Point of care is an instrumental focus in modern healthcare marketing.  This unique educational summit is the one and only pharmaceutical and healthcare conference focused specifically on the point of care space. View the speaker presentations from this 2019 exclusive invite-only PoC3 event attended by pharma and healthcare marketing leaders, agency leaders generally VP level and above, and executives from the PoC3 member companies.

Impact of the Rising Role of Healthcare Consumerism on the HCP-Patient Dialogue

Dr. Adnaan Sheriff, Amherst Medical Associates

Kit Robertson, RN, VP Product Management at Integra Connect

Grace Cordovano, PhD, CEO/Patient Advocate at Enlightening Results

Current & Future Landscape for POC Marketing, Trends to Watch

Victoria Summers, Associate Principal at ZS

Artificial Intelligence Opportunity in Pharma, Rise & Implications for POC Marketing

Justin Chase, EVP of Media & Innovation at Intouch Group

Mark Bard, Founder at Digital Health Coalition

Importance & Power of Content, Shifting to a Content-First Strategy

Kate Greengrove, Sr. Director Content Strategy & Operations at GSK

Sarah Bast, Group VP at Publicis Health Media

Regulatory & Compliance in POC Marketing, Pricing Communication & Data Privacy

Jon Bigelow, Executive Director of Coalition for Healthcare Communications

Auditing & Measurement, PoC3 Compliance & Best Practices

Scott Nesbitt, Chief Analytics & Strategy Officer at PatientPoint

Richard Murphy, EVP at BPA Media and iCompli

Ray Rotolo,Co-Founder & Partner at PlaceBridge

Ken Shultz, SVP of Audit Services at AAM

Proximity Marketing Trends, Application for POC & Spotlight on Beacon Technology

Anna Bager, President & CEO at OAAA

Mark Boidman, Managing Director, Head of Media & Tech Services at PJ Solomon

Panel on Differences Across Specialties & Lifecycle Stage, POC Marketing Considerations & Case Studies

Panel of POC company executives, moderated by Jeffrey Erb