The New Touch Free Era

“We’re changing our programs to adapt and that means thinking differently about how and where patients engage in content,” said Nathan Lucht, president of InStep Health (formerly Rx EDGE Media Network).  “For clients who are trying to reduce reliance on shared touchable experiences, our focus is on pre- and post-visit digital reinforcement tactics that extend the value of our pharmacy and HCP offerings.”   


A new touch free era has emerged as a result of COVID-19 that has likely forever changed how patients and HCPs will engage with content. InStep Health added QR codes and augmented reality 6 functions to content so patients just need to hold up the camera on their smartphone to access information — no need to touch information packets. Remedy Health Media is providing sealed printed materials that patients can take with them versus materials that may have been touched by many patients. Targeted Media Health and CoverWrap Communications are both encouraging patients to take custom publications with them versus leaving them in the office. Health Monitor Network is accustomed to physicians distributing its publications directly to patients in exam rooms, but is also leveraging its patient database of condition sufferers to conduct special mailings of patient education guides.