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Point of Care Communication Council Releases Updated Industry Verification and Validation Guidance

Updated: Aug 20



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Point of Care Communication Council Releases Updated Industry Verification and Validation Guidance

The update provides further instruction for the POC media community as the council opens its certification process

NEW YORK– (1/15/21) – The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), a nonprofit organization focused on advocating for the effective use of the point of care (POC) channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes, recently announced the release of its official Verification and Validation Guidance for 2021. The guidance, originally published in October 2019, was created by the PoC3 Verification & Validation Committee with added insight from its Industry Advisory Council. The updated guidance for 2021 provides the industry with further direction regarding standardized auditing protocols and terminology which will provide additional transparency during the purchase of PoC advertising.

“Trust and transparency continue to be dominant themes in the Point of Care industry,” said Dan Tassone, SVP, Health Monitor Network, and lead for PoC3’s Verification & Validation Committee. “In October 2019, we established the operating, delivery and disclosure standards for our industry. The committee spent the past 12 months reviewing the effectiveness and impact of the original guidance on the PoC environment and updated the requirements to meet the current opportunities and challenges.”

The new version of the guidance reflects three major changes. Network audits were expanded to include audits of the PoC company’s asset management system’s internal controls and procedures. This audit approach was added to address the potential negative impact of repetitive in-person testing and the COVID-19 access restrictions that have been implemented at many PoC facilities. Additionally, the volume of campaign audits required for certification will be based on annual campaign volume, not individual campaign spend. Lastly, the frequency of campaign audits was changed to semi-annual (every six months).

With those auditing protocols in place, PoC3 will open their auditing and certification process. POC companies will work with third-party auditing firms (the Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide) to validate network-related items including network size, network health and campaign performance.

“It is an extremely exciting time for the POC channel. With multiple vaccines and the council's release of its final guidance and opening of the certification process, POC is already poised for substantial growth in 2021,” said John Kenyon, Vice President & Managing Director, Targeted Media Health and PoC3 co-Chairman.

“This is an important milestone for the PoC3 organization and for the point of care media industry,” added Richard Awdeh, MD, Chief Executive Officer of CheckedUp and POC3 co-Chairman.

The opening date for certifications is today and the first batch release date is Friday, January 22. After today, certifications and audits will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


About the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3)

The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) exists to advocate for the effective use of the point of care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes. Members of the nonprofit point of care industry association work closely with brand, agency and provider stakeholders to advocate for the channel and promote its positive impact to ensure its continued growth as a vital and innovative segment of healthcare marketing. Learn more at https://poc3.org.

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