Point of Care Communication Council Welcomes Five New Members


Point of Care Communication Council Welcomes Five New Members

New members underscore PoC3 accelerated growth, diversification

NEW YORK – (January 17, 2019) –The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), a nonprofit organization focused on advocating for the effective use of the point of care (POC) channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes, today announced five new member companies: BPA Worldwide, CheckedUp, HealixGlobal, Physician’s Weekly, and The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM).

The five new member companies represent PoC3’s continued growth and increased emphasis on advancing POC channel opportunities through education, advocating for the use of best practices and guidelines, shaping future direction, facilitating growth, and driving innovation. The association’s growth mirrors unprecedented growth seen throughout the POC industry as marketers realize the power of the channel to reach patients and HCPs at critical points along the healthcare journey.

“As trends like consumerism and value-based care transform healthcare, POC now represents anywhere and everywhere a consumer is receiving care. This spans a multitude of channels and key points along the patient journey,” said PoC3 Executive Director Karen Newmark. “The potential impact of more effectively leveraging these channels and points of influence together—particularly when considering how applying data can unlock rich insights—is significant. As such, PoC3 is focused on expanding its membership to include a diverse group of companies with not only a vested interest in this impact but that also bring important subject matter expertise that will help forward the PoC3 mission to advance health outcomes.”

New PoC3 member companies are enthusiastic about the future with the association.

“I’m excited that HealixGlobal is one of the first media agencies to become a formal member of the PoC3,” said HealixGlobal President Jeffrey D. Erb. “By aligning the challenges and goals representative of agencies and pharmaceutical companies with the key players and vendors in the point of care market, it ensures the industry will thrive in a way that is most beneficial to patients and physicians.”

Among the five new PoC3 members are two media auditing companies, BPA Worldwide and AAM. PoC3’s growth to include BPA and AAM demonstrates the association’s continued commitment to build upon and maintain universal verification and validation standards that will advance the industry.

“It is critical to bring media buyers and sellers together to enhance assurance in the growing POC industry,” said AAM VP of Sales George Bartman. “We are excited to join PoC3 and bring our extensive experience in print and digital auditing to the table.”

BPA Worldwide VP of Business Development Dan Schneider adds, “PoC3 has done an excellent job in advocating for guidelines in the point of care advertising space. We value their approach and look forward to contributing to the organization and helping build upon these.”

Rounding out the new PoC3 membership are compan