Verification & Validation Guidance

PoC3 is committed to having a robust and ongoing emphasis relative to verification and validation within point of care media.  As such, we have created industry guidance and a path for POC media companies to become PoC3 Certified through demonstration of compliance to the PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance.  This guidance was created by the PoC3 Verification & Validation Committee with significant input from the PoC3 Industry Advisory Council and feedback from the industry at large.

PoC3 Verification 
& Validation Guidance

The PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance will be updated as needed to include new information and make changes based on industry evolution and feedback.


The PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance was approved by the PoC3 Board of Directors and supersedes and replaces any previous versions or drafts of PoC3 guidance. This guidance is not intended to supersede any federal or state requirements.


Preferred auditors for the PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance  are the Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide.


Price per Network
General Member
Associate Member
1-5 Networks
6+ Networks
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Member Companies
with PoC3-Certified Product Lines

  • Coverwraps

  • Healthcare Guides
  • Health Education Guides

  • Medical Essentials

  • Pharmacy Bags

  • Pharmacy Literature Distribution

  • Pharmacy Posters

  • Wallboards

  • Waiting Room and Exam Room Literature Distribution 

  • Waiting Room and Exam Room Posters

  • Digital Wallboard Network

  • TV Network

  • Printed Healthcare Guides and Posters

  • Access (Back Office)

  • Cardiology Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Cardiology Interact Network (Exam Room)

  • Communicate (Waiting Room)

  • Dermatology Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Dermatology Interact Network (Exam Room)

  • Gastroenterology Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Gastroenterology Interact Network (Exam Room)

  • Interact (Exam Room)

  • OB/GYN Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Oncology Access Network (Back Office)

  • Oncology Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Oncology Interact Network (Exam Room)

  • Primary Care Access Network (Back Office)

  • Primary Care Communicate Network (Waiting Room)

  • Primary Care Interact Network (Exam Room)

HMN_Logos 270x120-01.png
  • Digital Network

Phreesia logo.png
  • PatientConnect

  • Pharmacy Media Display

  • Wallboard Campaigns

Non-Member Companies
with PoC3-Certified Product Lines

  • Digital Wallboard Network

  • Exam Room Tablet Network

  • Infusion Room Tablet Network

  • Waiting Room TV Network

  • Wifi Network