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Verification & Validation Guidance

PoC3 is committed to having a robust and ongoing emphasis relative to verification and validation within point of care media.  As such, we have created industry guidance and a path for POC media companies to become PoC3 Certified through demonstration of compliance to the PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance.  This guidance was created by the PoC3 Verification & Validation Committee with significant input from the PoC3 Industry Advisory Council and feedback from the industry at large.

PoC3 Verification 
& Validation Guidance

The PoC3 Compliance Certification Process will open on April 15, 2020. Additional detail on the certification process will be provided on this website before then, so please stay tuned. The PoC3-approved third-party auditing companies will also be listed prior to the opening of the PoC3 Compliance Certification Process.